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Shaft Stator

Starter Shaft is one of the functional parts of automotive CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system or Step-less Speed Change Device to control fuel flow by changing engine pulley’s width. This high-precision part, which supports seamless driving and corresponds to human sensory

Front Knuckle ARM & Bracket Axle Beam

Steeling Knuckle Arm is one of automotive parts which supports steering function of a front-wheel, and is attached to auto-body with suspension arm or shock-absorber. All technologies and know- how developed by PT TSUZUKI INDONESIA MANUFACTURING secure the safety and reliability of this vital part

Companion Flange

In 4 WD system, a vehicle’s driving power is estimated, and torque output to the rear-wheel is properly controlled. Companion flange is one of critical parts which transmit the torque of a front-wheel to 4WD system in an electronically controlled 4WD system. Companion flange ensures safety of users, and improve fuel consumption.

Shaft Rotor

The function of the companion flange is a differential component that functions to continue the rotation and power from the propeller shaft to the pinion shaft.

Bracket Chamber

converts wind power into mechanical motion. This series consists of a membrane, diaphragm spring, lever, and slack adjuster. The condition of the brake chamber greatly affects the braking power of a vehicle.

Carrier Planetary

set up the car engine transmission system. With the planetary gears component, it becomes easier for the driver to control the speed of the car.